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    Pohankars Music Gurukul
    Online Music Academy founded by the legendary Pt. Ajay Pohankar & Abhijit Pohankar

About Pohankars Music Gurukul

The Pohankars Music Gurukul is one-of-a-kind music academy for students who wish to learn soulful music. Music for the soul has always been its priority over the years. Led by legendary classical maestro Pt. Ajay Pohankar,  Fusion music expert and Indian classical keyboardist Shri Abhijit Pohankar, and Thumri musicologist Mrs. Anjali Pohankar, this Gurukul gives students a new path to follow in their musical life. Whether a hobby or a profession, music should always be learnt under the guidance of Gurus and thorough professionals. The Pohankars want to share their priceless knowledge with students who wish to explore the depths of Music and its spirituality. The Pohankars Gurukul instills an appreciation for performance-oriented music. The legacy of the Pohankars has been nurtured and practiced for over five generations. Our teachers, who are senior disciples of Pt. Ajay Pohankar and established performers themselves, follow the same approach to music and wish to continue spreading the light of their knowledge all over the world.

Course Catalog

Indian Classical Vocal

Indian Ragas - North Indian style vocal music (Ages 15+)


Semi-Classical vocal music from North India (Ages 15+)

Indian Light Music

Ghazal, Bhajan, Bollywood (Ages 15+)

Indian Classical Keyboard

Learn to play Indian Ragas on keyboard (Ages 15+)

Keyboard for Kids

Learn to play popular Indian songs on keyboard (Ages 6+)

What the founders say